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letslearntogether 1 month ago

Don't let it kill your passion or vision. Traditional paintings are still bought alongside digital art, and no matter how hard people seem to be trying lately, the human will never be made into a machine.

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metamorphosis 1 month ago

Art is probably the last thing AI will destroy. Partly because it is hard to understand, partly because art doesn't have a secret algorithm. I would worry about AI if I was a pilot or a taxi driver or maybe even an accountant, but if I was a professional artist I wouldn't worry too much about it for now. Any person with eyes prefers real art to copycat AI creation.

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murid 1 month ago

Fortunately I do art for fun, but big changes are coming to the art industry with the rise of AI artists. I wouldn't underestimate the ability of an AI to mimic a human artist given enough training data.

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