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anyone here uses bearblog? this one's mine πŸ’•πŸŒœ
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thank you for the extremely sweet compliment, it got me blushing πŸ₯Ίβ™‘β™‘β™‘ i went through your site yesterday and i really liked it, it's so clean and pretty and yet so warm!! and i'm glad you found digital gardens, i think the concept suits you!
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the design of your website is so tasteful, and i really like the way you write! "I mean, look at this: [image] Cringe! Thank goodness I have a job now ..." had me cackling xD
10kph 10 months ago

haha thank you! decided to give you a follow bc your art style is so charming!! and it's always nice to see a fellow bass guitarist in the internet wild!! <3

thank you so much for the follow!! I took a stroll around your site and coincidentally, I've been wondering what digital gardens were. now I have a gist and I love the concept! I also wanted to say that your art conveys warmth and life so beautifully, and it makes my heart soften. you have such a gift for expression and tenderness!
wow!! what a lovely site you have, and what a lovely person you seem! am also a big fan of the font you use on your home page : D
ornithopter 10 months ago

wahhh tysm!! ;o; your site is so wonderful, i had so much fun peeking through it! just like sitting in a dappled patch of sunlight under a tree

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nymphali 9 months ago

that's such a cute thing to say i'm crying

wow your site and art are so lovely :)) so cool that you play bass!!
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nymphali 1 year ago

thank you!!!

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your website is already so epic
sorry for the late reply, but i made the guestbook on my self hosted website! unfortunately because neocities websites are static, you can't really code a guestbook yourself... however, you can use (third party) stuff like

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