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We here at Schizopunk Media want to wish you a Happy New Year, thanks for being around a while now!!
whoishohokam 1 month ago

back at cha!

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datasoul 1 month ago

happy mew yaer!!

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whoishohokam 1 month ago

My slow rework of the Homelab section has started. Based on my current update schdule I imagine it will take a while to finish :)

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whoishohokam 2 months ago

added Pee Wee's Playhouse Christmas special on the main page.

is it me, or does Bluesky have the exact same problems pre-shithead twitter had?
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anyone else enjoy Civvie 11 boomer shooter videos?
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chaosgoat 3 months ago

It's like watching my childhood half the time. Love me a good boomshoot.

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