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I'm just lurking through all of your websites.....
I turned 41 today. This last year I realized how much time I spent watching TV shows and cut waaaaaay back. Read more. Got into 3d printing. Rebuilt my IT homelab. Made a dent in my Steam library. Re-found my passion for learning. Finally got COVID, but got Paxlovid. Closed most of my social media accounts. all in all 40 was a good year.
bmh 3 months ago

Happy birthday buddy. I am a week older! I can very much relate to the cutting out of 'stuff' and doing more productive things.

paintkiller 3 months ago

Heck yeah! Nappy Burpday!

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krista 3 months ago

Happy birthday!

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huh looks like i was off by a large amount on how much it costs to host a mastodon instance properly. by a couple thousand dollars. If you like independent web media, please kick your instance some money.

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