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nerucom 2 weeks ago

uploaded january's art :3 its not much but enjoy

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storeyed 2 weeks ago

is that a yakuza reference

hi all, im alive, managed to install windows 7 on my panasonic laptop... I need to start making a tech collection page because my retro pc collection has had two new additions i really wanna tell you guys about it
nerucom 1 month ago

added music to the index because im a dick

ouggg this is so good!! i love the layout of your hobopro page
nerucom 1 month ago

thank you sm!! c:

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surprise! I made a new index (now if neocities could be so kind as to update my previews...)! Happy new year!!!
angelscake 1 month ago

i love the new look!

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manyface 1 month ago

it looks great!! so pretty!!

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chocolaterevel 1 month ago

Looks amazing

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owthehedge 1 month ago

happy new years !! also i really like the new look :)

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nerucom 2 months ago

umm realizing this takes a lot of effort than I expected, even if it's just 95x95 squares.... hobopro january 2024 death on arrival methinks...

nerucom 2 months ago

i made a typo FUCK

your site oc is so cool ??? absolutely obsessed with this site, linking ASAP so i don’t lose it
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nerucom 2 months ago

thank you so much!! ^^

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