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773tk 10 months ago

will pray you get well soon and that these things will pass.

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lostletters 10 months ago

I hope you're resting well and feel better soon!

letslearntogether 10 months ago

May you rest deeply and heal quickly! ๐Ÿ’

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sauerbaker 10 months ago

I hope it doesn't last too long and you recover fully!

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No response wanted but I think of you often. You existing vibes with me; Keep it up.
eveningbells 10 months ago

Unless..? U wanna talk about photography or life sometime. I just wanted you to know I talk about you to other people in my life.

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murid 10 months ago

Thanks for the kind thoughts. It's always a bit strange for me when people find value in what I dump on this website...

773tk 11 months ago

definitely feel blessed to have had the opportunity to had prior things said forgotten on some obscure board under an anonymous identity. for how the internet is supposed to have opened our ability to express ourselves, in the modern net have never felt more restricted in what we are allowed to be.

coffeebug 11 months ago

773tk spittin facts

metamorphosis 11 months ago

Woah, a piece of common sense. Been a long time since I have seen it on the internet.

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Just curious about how everyone's algorithmic bubble is presenting the news about Queen Elizabeth. My feed seems to be some condolences but mostly people remembering British atrocities and celebrating the death of a tyrant. How does the same news look like to other people around the world?
letslearntogether 1 year ago

Same. A bit of a mix of both on pretty much every platform that I've seen.

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porcelanoide 1 year ago

here on latam it's all memes, mockery and celebrations, i guess no one really likes the idea of queens and kings still being a thing, and the fact that english monarchy has done awful things to numerous locations

murid 1 year ago

@porcelanoide Here in Asia it's similar. I have never seen the nationalists, fascists, socialists and communists all agree on an issue before this.

arkmsworld 1 year ago

I've been reading about her death on the network at my work. I've seen maybe 2 articles reporting on negative tweets and such, but mostly it's stories/anecdotes about her life, weellwishers and aggrieved folks in Britain and around the world, and articles about what the other royals are doing now, title changes, ceremonies, etc.

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surenaga 1 year ago

My social media exposure is limited to jumping from one bookmarked twitter user to another. They hardly talk about these things. As for TV, everyone here is mourning her death like a statesman's.

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