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I love your website and your art!!!
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iwillneverbehappy 3 weeks ago

Love your website as well! <3

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4disease 2 months ago

The momentous return!

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iwillneverbehappy 2 months ago

See me again in another six months! mwahaha >)

Hey, I just found your site through the *nixRing, and I really liked reading your blog posts! I hope to not be lazy and read more some other time.
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iwillneverbehappy 6 months ago

Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you like them!

Sorry for being gone, I *do* plan to post! And thank you for following, can't wait to look through everyone's sites :)
really sick art.
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iwillneverbehappy 6 months ago

Thanks so much <3

4disease 8 months ago

Agree with this... Very much looking forward to the upper-division ones. That's where it gets serious

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iwillneverbehappy 8 months ago

Yes! And I love how some professors are just insane (compliment). It's so fun to talk to them about their research

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