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metamorphosis 1 year ago

Good luck on finding your creativity. I have been drawing ever since I was a kid. I am not even half as talented as you are but I can understand how it feels becoming stagnant. Creativity doesn't have a secret formula, this is the worst thing about it. Maybe it is a gift maybe it comes with hard work. Whatever the case is, I hope you can get what you want.

murid 1 year ago

I finally added some navigation to this blog. It was a long time coming.

pleurodelinae 1 year ago

Your most recent post is well put! With regards to the hierarchy of oppression / oppression olympics / what have you, it seems to me to be caused by some people, particularly online, equating being oppressed with somehow being more moral in character. Seems ridiculous to fight over who is the most moral of the world rather than.. idk.. help each other out best we can to dismantle these many oppressive systems ?

murid 1 year ago

I suspect that it has something to do with social media being a gamification of social interaction. When there is an implicit game element, there will be people that will aim for the high score. It just so happens that the current game rules favor outrage and very strange hierarchies.

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mayaland 1 year ago

fwiw I feel like Japanese curry is a whimsical example of what human creativity can do with a game of cross-cultural telephone.

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murid 1 year ago

@maya The one I had was close enough to the experience of curry (A bad curry, but a curry), but then again I haven't tasted a real Japanese curry and I suspect the one I had has been modified for local tastes.

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