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I really love your site! You're regularly doing things that I'd like to work my way toward achieving on my own site. I'm new to (relatively) intermediate order HTML and CSS, and I wonder: do you use any Javascript on your site? How easy is it for you to make updates to, say, your micro blog? Bless u for your creative service!
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murid 1 month ago

Thanks. I have only one page that uses javascript, which is my artblog (Might phase that out when I have the time). It's kind of my policy to use as little javascript as possible and keep things as basic as possible with CSS/HTML. Updating blogs is relatively easy, I copy and paste the div and change the content in my text editor.

murid 1 month ago

I keep as much as possible on a single html file and make use of the sections tag so my file management and updates are relatively clean. This website has been an inspiration:

ecto-zone 1 month ago

Iiiiinteresting. Okay, I did not know about this. Murid. John Doe. Amazing

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