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alhamdulilah i have returned to my senses and I will compile the information on the jinn. the dhul qarnayn conspiracy is next. Following that the replacement of the gilgamesh fiasco by the far more interesting Quetzalcoatl Question. After that we will discuss the implications of ishtar. Following this will be a series of treatises i have written on the republic & on the human soul and the nature of reality in my eyes
such pretty pixel art!!
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unknownshores 1 year ago

thank you, art by mike ferrari his stuff is very good

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commentary on the digital world is pleasing. very good
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Ramzan mubarak what a fantastic website, cannot wait for the angels and jinn section to be uploaded.
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scheherazades-niche 1 year ago

Thank you! A lot of writing needs to be done, but maybe if I make enough progress with the saints I can share what I have :-)

New lore dropped - mysteries/ helios mithras :) more random esoteric lore dump soon
oh my god, its feel like 2006 again, your website is quite authentic
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warp-zone 1 year ago

thank you!!! your site is so cool :D

Hey, I think the card spinning on ur nav is sick af, im gonna try to replicate that
reanimator 1 year ago

thank you! i honestly just stole most of the code from w3schools lmfao they have a spinning card tutorial that i used

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