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geouniversal 6 hours ago

found 3 of my ancient websites, 2004-2005ish. in about.html

i like that every picture in time has a vertical element to it. do you know the name of the peice you used for page of wands?
youtube figured how to gwt ads past my adblocker on my phone. I guess ita time to take a break from binge watching garbage till i find another mobile ad blocker for firefox
hypercube 16 hours ago

if you use android, I recommend, a YouTube (and PeerTube) client

pilssken 16 hours ago

use newpipe or youtube vanced!

geouniversal 10 hours ago

thanks everyone. newpipe seems sick, but i am sad i forgot how to use youtube without the algorithm! this will be good to start a new stream, i like the bancamp and download functions too.

geouniversal 10 hours ago

havent tried youtube vanc3d yet, will try it next

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geouniversal 2 days ago

gotta move your body

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