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you are right, when ep1 came out an important part of our collective innocence died
thoughtcrimes 13 hours ago

We're just dollarsigns to them :-( Thank you so much for reading my words! <3

arkmsworld 13 hours ago

Nothing really died for me. I never really considered the prequels to be part of the "real" Star Wars universe for a legion of reasons. And, yes, they were abysmal. I don't really consider the new ones to necessarily be part of the same "universe" BUT they are pretty enjoyable to watch. And there is some good chemstry between the young actors who all star in it. If you want to have a laugh at the prequels, ...

arkmsworld 13 hours ago

... Mr Plinkett on Youtube does quite a scathing review of them. It's hysterical imo. :)

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arkmsworld 13 hours ago

I saw the original when it first came out inthe theatre. Had to wait another 30 years until I could actually construct my first lightsabre. :)

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thoughtcrimes 12 hours ago

Hey arkmsworld! I loooooooove the Plinkett reviews haha and the original 3 films are still great to watch. I like your thinking about there being a 'real' series. Thanks for having a look at my page! I hope your lightsaber turned out cool :-)

I like your html history. I learned a lot and that was not the usual lesson :)

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