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For those of you who like the band, Rush, check out this guy playing the album Permanent Waves, solo.
oxiclean 3 days ago

They also had a cartoon using only Rush music. Forgot the name but it was pretty neat.

arkmsworld 3 days ago

I haven't heard of that, I don't think. What was the cartoon about?

Oh, good, somebody else digs ye olde text adventures. I love places to explore! :)
cavernscalledhome 3 weeks ago

I was gonna just say one nice thing, and then chronicles of amber quotes out of nowhere and i'm all awaaaaaa - great taste, friend. please feel free to check in whenever you want, i'll definitely be doing the same..!

cavernscalledhome 3 weeks ago

Think I'll be spending a lot of time in the zen garden... Thanks so much for leaving a message, your site is just great!

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arkmsworld 2 weeks ago

Thanks, I'm glad you like it. It's been a nice creative outlet and a way for me to learn html/css/js over the last few years, and I finally got the home on the Web I always wanted - alas, a bit too late to the party to be a part of the whole Geocities thing.

arkmsworld 2 weeks ago

I rarely meet other Amberites in my travels. If you follow the path west, from the front of the house, it ends at the Unicorn Grove. There is a piece of amber that links to a page with a bunch of old Amber / ADRPG sites and fragments I collected from the Net after the Golden Circle webring dissolved - lots of game logs, character diaries, fan fiction, Amber art, and other stuff that might be interesting.

arkmsworld 2 weeks ago

Oh, if you want Radium's quotes, to not repeat, you could give each quote a variable name and put them all in an array. Make a second array to put the var name or number in once you've called it. Write a loop in your quote calling function that checks the second array before it calls a new quote to see if it has been called before. If it has, the function can skip ahead until it finds a quote that hasn't been called

arkmsworld 2 weeks ago

yet. When you run out of quotes, clear the second array and start over. Hope that helps.

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