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hi there! thank you so much for following me, i hope you enjoy my website! ^^ your page is so awesome!! seriously so creative, i love the story~ i still need to explore it more thoroughly, but i'm excited about it! it's awesome so far! ♥
arkmsworld 5 days ago

Hey, I like your site too. It makes me happy. :) Thank you for the kind words. I started it a few years back as a way to experiment with the HTML/CSS/JS I had just been learning. Figured I'd make it kind of like an old Zork game so people could have a large area to just walk around in and explore. (I always loved the text adventure games I played growing up). I'm happy you dig it. :)

arkmsworld 5 days ago

Some of the images you can click on and they link to somewhere or reveal something. Almost all words and letters that are differently colored from the others do something. The mouse hnd will appear over things that do things. :)

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teddybear-halo 2 days ago

hi again! thank you for the helpful hints--i've been working through your site (and there is A LOT of content!! WOW!! so awesome!! ♥w♥ ) and i think i'm maybe 3/4 of the way through it?? i'm so inspired! thank you for creating this magical journey, i grew up just after the whole text adventure thing so it's neat to get to experience it. :)

teddybear-halo 2 days ago

but...if it's not too much to ask, can i have some kind of hint on what the password is for the cyclops that gaurds the door in the bar--the one you can get to thru the secret door from the library?? XD

arkmsworld 2 days ago

I took the cyclops thing from Homer's Odyssey. HINT: Do you remember the scene with the fox on the sheepdog guarding the bridge in Labyrinth?

arkmsworld 2 days ago

And thank you for adventuring through my world. <3 It also happens to be my dreamhouse in my dream location - the place I would create to live if I knew how. :)

arkmsworld 2 days ago

I realized the hint might not necessarily be a "hint". Okay. Hint: He won't just let ANYONE in, ya know.

arkmsworld 2 days ago

So now I'm watching a let's play of American McGee's Alice because of you. I'd never heard of it before. It's quite cool. I love the art design and I'm pretty sure I recognize the voice actors....

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