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Happy Friday night everybody. :)
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kenny46140 1 hour ago

Damned RIGHT.

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8 hours ago
joppiesaus 2 hours ago

Amazing, I love this. Even random stars!

kenny46140 1 hour ago

DO that thang!

I also began drinking Earl Grey years ago because of TNG.
anipike 2 hours ago

A great show and great tea. ^_^

kenny46140 1 hour ago

Same-same. "But", I gotta have my coffee.

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Arkm's World was updated.
3 days ago
kenny46140 3 days ago

Threw this together just for grins; Have a good one, man! :)

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arkmsworld 2 days ago

Hey, that's great! :)

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kenny46140 2 days ago

Aw, shucks. Will try and add more to it when I get time, cool?

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arkmsworld 1 day ago

Yeah, totally. I really dig it, man. :)

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arkmsworld 12 hours ago

Back when a lot of commercials were actually fun or clever instead of pointlessly wasting my time. :)

Your site has to be one of the most novel sites on Neocities I've seen so far. I love exploring it. I don't think I've seen everything yet either. I'm not terribly sure about your color choices sometimes, though.
arkmsworld 4 days ago

I'm happy you're enjoying it. I wanted to make a place to explore -- sort of like an old text adventure game. All of the colors were chosen by me to convey some thought or feeling or concept I had at the time - e.g. the greenish text in the Gallery represents a copper/bronze patina such as an old statue might have. They don't all necessarily work as artistic "color schemes". lol


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