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3 hours ago
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solflo 3 hours ago

not late for once, only because i saw a post reminding me that september only has 30 days and tomorrow's already october

sol's home was updated.
1 week ago
solflo 1 week ago

some fashion talk... might revise this soon-ish, i'm not too sure if it's any good

jrs-storytime 1 week ago

Your artlog is really interesting! I haven't seen much like it.

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ita 1 week ago

loved your fashion talk ^-^ !

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solflo 1 week ago

thanks both of you! <3 <3

i wanna write a post about fashion but i'm not sure if i'm making it commentary or advice 🤔
solflo 1 week ago

feels odd to give unsolicited advice like that, yknow?

sol's home was updated.
3 weeks ago
solflo 3 weeks ago

talking about stable diffusion's dataset / machine learning and "plagiarism" ^v^

sol's home was updated.
4 weeks ago
solflo 4 weeks ago

august artlog up!! (and index updated... i'd forgotten to add july)

sol's home was updated.
1 month ago
solflo 1 month ago

new painting added, really happy with it :D

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