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incertaesedis 6 days ago

improved format slightly, or maybe not. this page is going to be tacky whatever i do

incertaesedis 6 days ago

the one thing i love about this is that apparently the youtube embed autoplays when neocities loads the page for the screenshot. if a rick rolls but nobody's there to hear, does it make a sound?

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marijnflorence 6 days ago

i suppose it depends on if neocities' servers have a headphone jack

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incertaesedis 1 week ago

finally putting alt text on all the photos

incertaesedis 1 week ago

half of these descriptions would've been far better for the tooltips but i'm not going through all them images again

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incertaesedis 2 weeks ago

:-0 Thank you!

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incertaesedis 1 week ago

I designed a badge but it turned out to be 130kb what with the fancy animated graphics. I'm guessing that would be too much for inclusion in the list but could I use it anyhow?

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