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turd 2 days ago

the tiny paint drawings are so charming o(^▽^)o

brennholz 26 minutes ago

fuggin same with the lack of photos of myself. 80% of my photos are of my dog lol

Nice site. Your travelogues were nice reads and photos were lovely to look at. Seeing your auto imagery, I assume you like Initial D, if so, my music playlist has songs from the soundtrack, as well as songs related to the franchise. That aside, keep up the good work!
saint-images 3 days ago

Thank you, I'm really glad you've enjoyed my website. Initial D was a major turning point in my life as it was the first anime I watched, and it was the thing that sucked me into the Japanese cultural rabbit hole.

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twelvemen 1 week ago

Lovely photos as always, in the gameboy ones especially a fan of how contrast was handled in the 3rd one

7nonsense 3 days ago

What is the new technique of getting the photos off the game boy camera?

saint-images 3 days ago

Nothing special; I just found out that the photos look nice after Gimp's "Color to Gray" tool. Also the distance matters; shooting a bit more far away from the screen gives the pics a kind of a "printed" look.

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