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saint-images 2 days ago

just a tiny update to the "A picture in an elevator" ✪ ω ✪

arkmsworld 11 hours ago

That's a really Star Trek looking down arrow.

bmh 4 days ago

"My Tram Is Worth 900000 Trollar's! Know Your Place..." love it :D

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brennholz 4 days ago

Love how warm and colorful the lights are in those night shots, makes Kaliningrad seem real homey

xxhalfemptyxx 4 days ago

the color is just

Cool page, love the photos, I am trying to do some myself with an old digital camera :)
saint-images 4 days ago

Thanks for your kind words! o(* ̄▽ ̄*)ブ Loving your website as well, the photos you've already shared look great, especially jvn004. Bonus points fo making your website in your native language!!!

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brennholz 1 week ago

You're welcome! I hope you get along with your new milk. I don't. I have a bad relationship with the milk in my house. There's three opened packs in my fridge, the oldest of which has been sitting there for at least a year. I'm scared of my milk.

brennholz 1 week ago

Off topic, but how tf is Trompeten-Muckl #2 in your on repeat playlist? What sort of life do you lead if this is the appropriate semi-constant background music? Do you listen to it in your car, barreling down decrepid russian highways? Do you listen to it in your cubicle at work, looking out the window at the grey skies? Do you not go mad? rinky-dink beer tent beats in your ears, smile on your face? Who are you??

saint-images 1 week ago

I woke up at 4 am so I am not yet able to come up with a proper insight into my Deutsche Biergarten Isekai habits, but simply put, this is a song from "Nu, Pogodi" (, 7:30), a Soviet cartoon I grew up with, and I happen to Like the song.

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brennholz 1 week ago

Fair enough lol. And sorry if that comment sounded mean, I was in a very weird mood yesterday.

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saint-images 1 week ago

Nah it's ok lol, I see why you might have considered it to be something not ordinary.

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murid 2 weeks ago

Great photos. It's really nice to see slice of life shots like these.

arkmsworld 2 weeks ago

The Mitsuoka is miiiiine!

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pixelglade 2 weeks ago

Vintage cars just hit different. Thanks for the pics!

I've only now discovered that Pasteboard just casually released the deluxe edition of Glitter 18 years later, on vinyl nonetheless.
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twelvemen 3 weeks ago

holy fuck that's so cool

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cidoku 3 weeks ago

Haha, very nice. They look authentic.

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brennholz 3 weeks ago

hell yeah, your y2k art rules

vinizinho 3 weeks ago

Damn Son... Where'd You Find This

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lhfm 1 month ago

omg kot leopold! Congrats on your move! Hope you have fun there.

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arkmsworld 1 month ago

Congratulations on the move. I hope you have amazing adventures there! :)

vinizinho 4 weeks ago

a new adventure begins!! cheering for you!!

7nonsense 4 weeks ago

That's a beautiful clock!

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