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mirages 1 week ago

gosh, i wish i had a cassette tape player as well... ! any particular model you're interested in ?

saint-images 1 week ago

Not really; I just want a working player to listen to some of my dad's tapes, but if I had a choice, I'd go for one of Sony's boxy models like the one on my page.

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mirages 1 week ago

i see, personally i feel tempted to go for a home player to be honest, better sound quality and all of that... maybe a sony or technics model ?

mirages 1 week ago

though the portability of the walkman is so nice

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saint-images 1 week ago

I'm talking "Soviet pirated tapes that were recorded from a from a friend who recorded his recording from a guy he knows who ... " tier tapes, so perhaps sound quality is not too much of an issue xD. But perhaps the home players, apart from offering better sound quality, look nice as interior decor!

glizzy 1 week ago

oh man, the mavica shots with the water are amazing

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7nonsense 1 week ago

Nice pics, can't wait to see more! 💾

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