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bmh 23 hours ago

I've been using FrontPage since my Windows 98 days when FrontPage Express was included. These days I use the 2002 version, admittedly on Windows 10.

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saint-images 23 hours ago

You managed to run Frontpage on win10? I tried some 200* version, but couldn't get it to work.

thatwhitehand 23 hours ago

Fellow Mypal enjoyer...

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bmh 22 hours ago

Yes, mine is part of Microsoft Office XP Professional, I just install FrontPage and that works fine for me.

bmh 3 days ago

The topic of Semiotics does indeed seem interesting. I'm interested in both the signs and symbols of dreams and those of governments and large corporations (such as logos) and how they influence us.

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saint-images 3 days ago

Yes; globalization did indeed create a sort of a sign language of it's own. I don't at all think that it's good, but that's a curious topic nonetheless.

Hey, thanks for adopting the mobile-friendly layout I wrote for you. I forgot to make the images and text not overthrow through the content block, so here's a little patch that fixes it:
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saint-images 3 days ago

Thank you once again!

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