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yo it's not letting me post a reply to your reply but i do have a link badge it's on my links page
hai i linked to your website because it is cool :>
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goodmode 9 hours ago

hey!!! that's awesome, thank you so much!! do you have a badge i can use to link back? your site rules and i love your art!

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7 months ago
goodmode 7 months ago

just closing commissions! not an update. if it still reads as "open" u gotta hardrefresh

i had some more stuff planned soon but i just got a job offer and it looks like the hours are gonna be Rough On Me so. taking any goku spirit bomb energy i can get. til i settle in or burn out, site activity may be slow
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1 year ago
goodmode 1 year ago

changed metatags to better reflect the content, added semantic markup. this applies to all mylab pages so far (i think. i hope??) anyway all of these are invisible to the average reader so you don't need to go looking for new content because there is none!

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Just read all of myla.b. I absolutely love the worldbuilding and the hilarious comments on the pages. Very interested to see where it goes :]
goodmode 1 year ago

oh thank you so much!! i'm glad you enjoyed it! i still have a lot to add, though it'll probably be in small increments for the time being. lovely comment to wake up to, thank you!! <3

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