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one time i found this neocities page with a bunch of VHS tapes and if you clicked on them they'd play youtube videos on a TV next to the tapes. anyone know what i'm talking about? i think about that a lot
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webcatz 1 day ago

ahahaha thats so cool

first person to tip me gets thrown in the oven and exploded to death
do you guys just not wayback archive your sites???? whats up with that???
metaspace 3 days ago

uh idk bucko

how come you always have overflow-y turned off? i can't see half your site on any device
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feign 3 days ago

great question! answer: i dont know what im doing ever. i so sorry

feign 3 days ago

uhm anyways im going to fix my margins and such ...soon. my brackets is broken and i hate any other code editor so im stuck

feign 3 days ago

actual answer: i dont like the bottom scrollbar so i just turn it off.. usually zooming out allows you to see the entire page though o__O!

coffeebug 2 days ago

ah, it looks so pretty

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new site is
snaiilll!!!! legs!! what do you use to make your comic pages work?
snail-legs-art 2 days ago

oh I just saw this!! the comic pages are pure html/css haha, I have a scuffed lil python script I use to fill out a template for each page when I need to upload more than one or two pages haha

snail-legs-art 2 days ago

more complicated than it needs to be tbh, but I'm happy to give you my .py file if you want to have a poke at it :)

coffeebug 6 days ago

mfw realizing the video page isn't red like the main page :|

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