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Just wanted to say that I adore your site's styling. It's easy to read and focus on, and the colors are beautiful together. Well done!
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sneekrealm 1 day ago

thank u ! :,)

Not what I expected to have come to mind for the week, but here's the result!
owlroost 4 days ago

The prompt reminded me of "Hills Like White Elephants" by Ernest Hemingway and how it skirts around what the characters are actually talking about. It's never said outright- left silent.

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Still working on an update to my music page, but I thought you'd want to see the song made with your words.
melxncholyman 4 days ago

wow, this is really amazing. i'm still in awe that my writing inspired another piece of art! i love the way it starts out so eerie and foreboding, the everchanging voice effects are really fun to listen to and really fit the feeling of ambiguity of identity that comes with gazing into a mirror. the lines that repeat themselves towards the end too are haunting... anyway great job i'll be listening to this on repeat <3

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"People with glasses whose arm screws keep unscrewing themselves" Direct Personal Attack
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