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I adore your website. Is so cozy and so nice. I think I'm going to copy your idea for a reading list, having the extracts from books on the bottom is so cool!
yardonthirdstreet 5 days ago

thank you for writing! glad you're making part of it your own too

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Processing the complexities of this world is making my brain hurt
arandomsite 1 week ago

same here brudda

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I really enjoy coming across random videos like this: — feels like a time capsule too
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A wonderfully unique charm. UBWU
Curious about people's code uploading/website writing process... specifically whether you have local copies of files that you upload to Neocities servers... I am considering downloading a brute copy of everything just to be safe but also kind of enjoy this notion of being so untethered to the site that should the server go down (for a while/indefinitely), I'm fine with everything being "lost to the sands of time"
yardonthirdstreet 2 weeks ago

WILD LAUGHTER — I only just now realized/found? there's a "download entire site" button...

yardonthirdstreet 2 weeks ago

once an hour, first try failed (several files missing)

irony-machine 2 weeks ago

i have a local copy of my site but it's because i don't want to use the neocities editor

graybox 2 weeks ago

what I used to do was use a node.js script that connected to a simple WYSIWYG editor and used the neocities API to upload the generated page :P

temina 2 weeks ago

torn between the urge to archive everything all the time, and the acceptance and romanticisation of the impermanence of everything that is

bmh 2 weeks ago

My site is all created offline and then uploaded.

solinus 2 weeks ago

I just use the Neocities editor. Works for me. Sometimes, I use

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yudosai 2 weeks ago

I use the neocities editor for small stuff, but for larger pages and projects I develop them then upload. Very very scattered process. I will backup everything at some point though.

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murid 1 week ago

I write things in a text editor and paste into files that I want to update. But for new pages I just do everything in a text editor and then upload the file.

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yard was updated.
2 weeks ago
your website rocks! and I love how thoroughly you document things on the neocities feed
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yardonthirdstreet 2 weeks ago

ah thank you, absurdity! this is a generous comment. wishing you well.

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