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New comment on the Changing Web Hosts and Life Update blog post by Auzzie Thank you!
Fixed some low-hanging fruit with the CSS, removed the underlines on the nav and footer links and changed the "here" from underscores that get read by a screenreader to be an underline style.
Hello thank you for following, best wishes building your site!
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spiedewolf 1 day ago

thank you! i like your site & i especially like the link/site about dreams :3

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pixelglade 1 day ago

Thank you, and I'm happy you like that website about dream coding!

hello, thank you for following, hope you enjoy your time on Neocities!
Hiya, thank you for following. Your artwork reminds me a little of Hollow Knight, I think it's some of the shapes and colours maybe - anyway, hope you're having a good day
Hello fellow PhD owner, hope you're enjoying your time on Neocities so far. Thank you for following. 😊
Accessibility update. Replaced the pop up "message has been submitted" message on the Guestbook and Blog comments with a message under the Submit button to report update status.
Some CSS cleanup, plus added Affiliates to my homepage (PixScape and scope filter), and my profile icon from other socials to my homepage. Also updated AntiKrist's link to the new design.

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