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Supporter ($5/mo)

Storage 1 GB 50 GB
Bandwidth 200 GB 3000 GB
No advertising, ever
Global Anycast CDN
Free Site Subdomain
Site Subdomain SSL
One-Click Backups
Site Tags
RSS Feed
Follow Your Favorite Sites
Site Profile
Neocities Site Editor
CLI tool
WebDAV Uploading
Custom Domains
Custom Domain SSL Certs
Multiple Site Creation
No File Upload Type Restrictions
Hotlinking Support
Cross Origin (CORS) Support
Less Strict Content Security Policy
Basic Email Support
Cost Savings vs AWS * $37.50/mo $767.53/mo
Cost Savings vs GCS * $16.03/mo $499.46/mo

* AWS and GCS price estimates only include storage, CDN bandwidth, and email support costs. It does not include cost of HTTP requests or cache purging/reloading. Actual costs would be much higher.