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hi Toastchan, what is the best way to message you aside from here? i wanted to ask if you were interested in contributing to a small project..
yamiyuri 1 week ago

What's the project?

des 1 week ago

An indie artist resource site, i thought of your anime art ref page and your familiarity with finding/suggesting resources. if you'd like to host a list on the page or contribute another way, thatd be awesome:

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des 1 week ago

the anime art resources list would basically be one, but anything pertaining to practice, business, community building, and techniques in specific mediums are fair game; you've drawing/experience with pencils/graphite for example

yamiyuri 6 days ago

Sounds cool. I was thinking about adding some stuff to my resources page earlier today actually so I'll look into it.

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des 5 days ago

pawsome... if it interests you lmk!

Cute art! awesome site! neat anime art resource page! AND you're a ZEXAL fan, so sick
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