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can't wait to see more! one of these payday's i'll try to get a few zines. do you have any online copies of your comic? sorry if you say somewhere and i missed it!
sacha06 1 month ago

Hey there. Thank for stopping by. The comic series I am working on at the moment (Seeds of Spring) isn't online yet because it is with a publisher. You can order them from the publishers site or order them through a comic book store)I eventually hope to start a webcomic, but I need to finishe this series first. I will however be positing personal art and such on my site.

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geouniversal 1 month ago

thanks! i am nova scotian so a mikmaq punk story is very appealing!!

Hey there. Thanks for the follow. I really like visiting your site. It is in part because of you that I was inspired to try to make my own site on here (Sorry mine is still incomplete :P )
murid 1 month ago

Thanks, nice to know that people actually read my site. Under construction websites are great. It's nice to see things grow. Take your time with your website, slowly build up things that you enjoy instead of rushing everything out at once.

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