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wow!! what a lovely site you have, and what a lovely person you seem! am also a big fan of the font you use on your home page : D
ornithopter 3 months ago

wahhh tysm!! ;o; your site is so wonderful, i had so much fun peeking through it! just like sitting in a dappled patch of sunlight under a tree

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nymphali 3 months ago

that's such a cute thing to say i'm crying

I noticed that you followed me, so I visited your site. I can relate to you because I also work a corporate job that drains the life out of me. In response, I also try to reabsorb that vitality through appreciating the beauty the world has to offer.
ornithopter 3 months ago

corporate workers unite to find joy in the everyday things!!! twilight's burden was such a wonderful experience read, thank you for sharing!!

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audiotory 3 months ago

I very much appreciate it, my friend! The page is still under construction and I hope the experience is much less clunky in the future lol.

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ornithopter 3 months ago

working on a trips page! i haven't had the luxury to travel much growing up, but i hope i can chronicle all adventures great and small! will be slowly updating and chronicling this, still trying to figure out how i want to write up posts!

wahooo finally making progress Q_Q it is not as responsive as i'd like it to be, but u know. we will embrace that!!

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