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Would anyone be so kind as to direct me to a y〇〇tube alternative that allows uploaders to add multiple caption versions the viewer can choose from, as well as allowing uploaders to choose location and orientation of captions (i.e. vertical text to the left or right border of the video)?
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Celebrating fifteen thousand views. 8 in 10 web crawlers agree: 唯一のSURENAGA is a webpage worth visiting!
surenaga 1 month ago

My dear followers didn't even FLINCH at that late night shallow post dripping with self-pity. Have high school memories of an average high school boy become novel? Is it high time for a Dawson's Creek remake?!

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surenaga 1 month ago

On webpage-related news, I might get back to posting the real good stuff by mid june if I manage to wrap things up properly in the next couple of weeks. I haven't stopped writing, but editing is time-consuming. Look forward to it.

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