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In my case, I found that Oonishi Aguri (an idol seiyuu who was originally also an idol and did Uehara Ayumu in Lovelive Nijigasaki) did "Classmate" role (nothing important) in the ending credit of Watayuri anime. So I started to find exactly what "classmate" she did then I immediately thought that WTF am I doing now.
Or even worse: If you fall in love with a seiyuu because of the pretty face or the sexy body, you have gone too far and there is no chance to come back. Fortunately I haven't gone this far.
You never have to be a seiyuu otaku and that's totally healthy. If you become a seiyuu otaku and start to watch a shitty anime only to hear your favorite seiyuu, you could not enjoy anime normally anymore.
I read your watayuri review. I'm afraid I'm not as big a seiyuu otaku. I recognize voices and/or mannerisms and guess who it might be from there. I'm usually right, but I've only memorized a couple of names (Kikuko Inoue, Kobayashi Yuu, Chiwa Saito, Sumire, Yumi Hara, Wakamoto, etc). Otherwise, in my mind, it's "the seiyuu who voiced Chinatsu"/Kuroko/Motoko for example... orz
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surenaga 1 week ago

It might be time for drastic measures. I'll see how things go until the end of the month.

I somehow managed to write the review. Please read it. I'll add more stuffs though.
Thank you for writing. Watayuri became one of the things to look forward to every week. I even solved that nazo x nazo puzzle because I was so starved for more. I still want to plaster my review page with more praise, but perhaps at a later date. I'd love to read your review.
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>watayuri.html And yes. Kaguya-sama is unbelievably overrated. I don't know why anyone thinks the anime even bearable. I watched it only to watch cute Chika but that was hard experience...
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>watayuri.html I was going to write a review too but because of my lazyness I posted what I already have written on my notebook instead and indefinitely delayed the review... And you reminded me of that. So I'm considering to rewatch the anime because of your post.
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surenaga 1 month ago

I'm still not satisfied with my review page of watayuri, but I have to gain practice in praising what I like. The flying witch review is still waiting...

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