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Q: Where have you been? A: Making a video game.
the-syreth-clan 2 months ago

I wish I would be joking.

the-syreth-clan 4 months ago

Sketch courtesy by Keevs' maker on DeviantART. It ought to do the trick until I can actually make one myself.

I cannot paint. Nor can I draw humans. This is not going as well as I imagined.
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soups 4 months ago

now! that’s! a! mood!

Okay, so the background loads late and it gives the page an awkward flash-in, and worst of all makes my profile icon all messed up. So I ought to fix that... and the Chapter pages.
Site updated, now all it needs is art.
Ugh, I think I should revamp my site too.
Would it be okay to embed a button on my site directing here even if I am not part of any districts?
districts 5 months ago

If you're not part of any district but would still like to link back to us, we would suggest using the main districts button. However, thanks to the staff change we no longer own the rights to the design of Seb, so currently we'd advise you to either wait until we have new buttons or use the text only version. But yes, linking to us is fine! We're glad you enjoy districts enough to want to do so.


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