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Disallowed indexing in robots.txt, let's see how the metrics change with that. Right now they are ~150/50.
the-syreth-clan 4 weeks ago

Seemed to have worked, it's back to roughly 10/10, 30/25 just how it was before the web index.

the-syreth-clan 1 month ago

>implying you need JavaScript to make an interactive gallery

Hey Districts! My site's changed somewhat since you've added it. Now it also has a games (and soon art) sub-sites so it doesn't technically qualify for Strawford-upon-Avon exclusively. Well, I don't think it qualifies for any specific category anymore since it has a bit of everything. You can move it to Purgatory or just erase it, whichever you feel is better. Just thought I'd keep you updated.
the-syreth-clan 3 months ago

Site expanded and restructured, Neocities profile page should be back online as well.

Since it's World Mental Health Day I thought I'd make a fanart for you. Your site has helped me get through thick and thin so this is the least I can do. Enjoy!
softheartclinic 6 months ago

Aww, thank you, that is so sweet of you! ♡ I hope you're doing well and wishing you all the best. So happy to hear my site could be helpful!

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