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frogesay 2 months ago

Thank you for linking me the comic about the My Little Pony dolls who have existential crises. I am also having one. This pleases me.

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the-syreth-clan 2 months ago

Yeah, been there... still kind of am actually. Hang in there.

So as it turns out, if you try to access the site from mobile it will basically only show the navigation bar which I didn't even notice before. Curse you university, now I'm making everything responsive even though I don't want to. Gotta fix that.
Practice makes perfect. BTW CSS has variables you can use with --(variable name) and var(--variable name), so you won't have to rewrite the same values a million times in a million different places when editing a style sheet. It's in the 'Advanced' section but honestly should be, like, the second thing tutors should teach people about it in my opinion.
eggramen 3 months ago

Thanks! Crtl+H/Replace All has been good for now, but it sounds like a useful tool to have on hand.

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