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Website overhaul is live.
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Experimenting with some new layouts for the main site for it to look a bit more unified right now. A complete re-organization is in plans but I won't make any changes on the online site until I have something to actually fill the new pages with.
Replaced every single instance of (div class="main") with just (main) across every page. May a god have mercy on our souls.
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Gallery demo page is live. Got some modals going on in CSS because that's how much I spite JavaScript.
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Updated the landing page's links. Main site's web journal has its RSS feed now as well. Also added to my link lists in the About page.
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the-syreth-clan 4 months ago

Of course I put the wrong About pages in the wrong folders.

Culled some boring journal entries and updated the Golden Carrot License to get rid of a few typos and clear up some things.
New journal page, which is now a copy of the web directory page. Also there is a proper entry now btw... since like a week or so. At first I considered moving occult things into their own sub-page akin to BuKnight or Catscape but then there'd be basically nothing left for the main site.
Profile feed cleared up of site updates since apparently the preview doesn't store a snapshot of the previous version... so what's the point. Instead I've decided to start posting site changes here manually so you can actually keep track of what exactly changed.
the-syreth-clan 7 months ago

Current update on the main site: Picrew avatars replaced, site css classes cleared up to be uniform, some sweeping grammar checks, smaller --global-margin (15% -> 7.5%) and larger --global-menu-shift (15% -> 20%) so the body centers easier, mobile css fixes, expanded Directory with more links.

the-syreth-clan 7 months ago

Aaaaand Neo doesn't count profile posts into the RSS feed. Tough.

the-syreth-clan 7 months ago

BuKnight website is now re-organized and proof-read much the same way as the main one.

the-syreth-clan 7 months ago

Catscape updated with the same treatment... roughly.

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