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Adorable site, I think this is going to be one of those places to come back to when the bad times come. Keep up the good work.
New page is almost ready. Finally something that looks more Web1.0-ish but not quite as garish as most sites from that era. Just the way I wanted. Only a few more touches...
Aaaalright, so, I'll be revamping the site again for the... like n-th time. My original writing will be moved to Bellatristica for easier access. I'll also plan on connections page so I can web up everything with everything.
Look who got wrapped up in making a bunch of things at once... again? Gotta come back to work on this one as soon as BuKnight v0.3 is done and put out there.
Q: Where have you been? A: Making a video game.
the-syreth-clan 4 months ago

I wish I would be joking.

the-syreth-clan 5 months ago

Sketch courtesy by Keevs' maker on DeviantART. It ought to do the trick until I can actually make one myself.

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