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I know that the scrollbars have no theming if you view the site on firefox, however I made a stylus style that adds color to the scrollbars for fun (you would need the stylus extension to get it to work but hey)
enflicted 1 day ago

I could have sworn firefox had scrollbar theming via CSS? although it's minimal in terms of customization.

rbfbowl 21 hours ago

while no scrollbar theming apears on the site, I did find evidence of attempted firefox scrollbar styling in the body part of the css that doesn't appear for some reason.

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enflicted 9 hours ago

That is odd. The scrollbars are completely missing in firefox for me. I wish developers would stop messing with things, and just let us customize things, custom scrollbars were so cool back in the day =(

enflicted 9 hours ago

From the CSS, I couldn't find anything for scrollbar theming in firefox, only webkit. From what I remember, Mozilla requires 2 call from CSS, scrollbar-color;scrollbar-width, and a 3 option for overflow if needed, that's really all they seem to let you customize sadly.

how did you do the thing with the banner and everything being in a box? Because its awesome!
starfighter 3 days ago

If you right click on a site and click "Inspect" (I like "Inspect" better than "View page source" because the latter just shows the .html without any tools) you get to see, and interact, with the code. From there we can see that the site is using divs and an iframe for the content (and then css to make the divs go where they should). You can turn values on and off in your inspector to see, live, what they do. :)

sanguineroyal 3 days ago

look into iframes !

anewchanceanewday 3 days ago

starfighter im on a school chromebook i cant do that because they dont want us to cheat i can use something like scorce but i forgot what i need to put in the url

your website is so awesome!
anewchanceanewday 4 days ago

im a beginner coder how did you do the thing with the banner and everything being in a box?

cinni 1 week ago

cleaning up old code, don't mind me. replacing lots of divs with proper semantic tags!!

jasm1nii 1 week ago

yay for accessibility!! <3


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