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so i switched to firefox again and i am going to get used to it after chrome or windows decided to install a bunch of chrome products without my consent. I did not feel comfortable with chrome anymore,,
ruralrose 17 hours ago

I am going to update the site so it looks better on firefox lol it looks doodoo on firefox rn

ive been thinking of the idea of making a webring again,, but i am gonna plan it out this time,, plus i have a couple ideas and layout i want to do with ruralroses themes and pages :)
ruralrose 1 day ago

i want my site to be viewable and comfortable and simple to look at. But i also want to get many work in progress pages done.

Rural rose* was updated.
1 day ago
ruralrose 1 day ago

New little blog, diary whatever i should call it entry. I am so proud of myself but also so scared of how i am preforming in school and my sleep patterns are so bad

this looks way different on pale moon
blackwater 3 days ago

oh god yeah i was thinking of switching to pale moon for a while there but it messed this all up so bad i was just like... haha nah

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ruralrose 2 days ago

@blackwater marquee tag wont work on pale moon and some things look bad haha

Havent gotten around on finishing season one of twd game + artwork because i really need to focus on school. I wanted to do mini game reviews for twd in my walking dead page but argggh keeping things in order is difficult.
ruralrose 4 days ago

This fixation happened cuz of my boyfriend haha. I kinda made that page for the both of us to share and enjoy but my procrastination on weekends and busy school schedule keeps me forgetting and pushing things i really wanna do back 😞

ruralrose 4 days ago

Also thinking of a different layout for my walking dead page 😁

tsumugsfish 4 days ago

i relate to this sm ... so many things i wanna do w my website but school keeps holding me back .. wishing us both luck in finally Doing stuff!!! >w<

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vencake 3 days ago

Such a good game. Glad you're enjoying it so far, even if you can't play it as much as you want to!

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WOAOHH thank you so much for the follow!!!!!!!! your website is so cool🥹🥹🥹
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omg ur website is amazing .. added ur button!!
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What is going on with unity man. Why are big companys so money hungry, things are already super unaffordable.. Why should people have to more for useless things shoved to them by these companys.
tofokyo 1 week ago

these companies will do fucking anything g if it means more money 🤬

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