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447351 was updated.
6 hours ago
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477351 6 hours ago

i'll remake site i think, with articles and my art (finally)

elementz 23 hours ago

One tip: make sure the player does not jump too high otherwise it would be easy.

cerebraldatabank 21 hours ago

Yes, I have noticed that... problem is, reducing the player's jump speed by even 0.1 might render some levels impossible! Some levels are exactly calculated to be just at the player's limit, as it says here:

elementz 4 hours ago

Ah I see.

Welcome! was updated.
1 day ago
owlman 1 day ago

Yeah, but why Jimmy Carr?!??!?! When I was 11 I had a thing for Bowie, but that's b/c he's hot, but Jimmy Carr!?!?!

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gwtagacw 13 hours ago

I wasn't happy about it! He was just on TV a lot and my tiny, useless baby brain hooked onto it.

Loog was updated.
2 days ago