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lighttrax 1 day ago

Some more new buttons and a guestbook on the frontpage, a new favicon and a few bugs are fixed here and there.

jeremyredhead 1 day ago

working on making my site mobile-friendly, stay tuned, i guess

S u y u was updated.
1 day ago
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dark3n1ng 1 day ago

Absolutely love the new music

flimsy was updated.
1 day ago
owlman 1 day ago


joppiesaus 1 day ago

I love Neocities. I cannot imagine purposely deleting my site on here ;_; thank you everyone! ♥☻

1080p-lemonade 1 day ago

"slower than disabled snails frozen in mud" is my new favorite insult

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The Lilac Lynx was updated.
1 day ago
codeinfig 1 day ago

its really difficult to go from teaching syntax to putting things together. id love to know more about your fcc experience, because codecademy has somewhat of a reputation of taking people for a nice guided tour before leaving them stranded in the woods-- theres just not enough transition for some users. there isnt an easy answer but if i were tasked with coming up with one, it would be...

codeinfig 1 day ago

...teach people how to take code apart, and then give them friendly examples to mess with and customise. thats how i taught myself how to code, and ultimately it becomes a practice of looking things up and practicing new techniques. but your review of fcc is great-- i will try to pay more attention to them and the kinds of feedback people have about fcc vs codecademy.

lilaclynx 22 hours ago

Thanks. I'd guess expanding on your metaphor, FCC is like going of a guided tour and getting left in the woods, but this time you get a list of things you need to do to not die, and a huge manual that you need to learn to look through to find what you want. I found that gave me the incentive they needed, though I've seen others struggle with the challenges one the hand holding stops. I can just say it worked for me.

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