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YouTube was updated.
7 hours ago
7nonsense was updated.
9 hours ago
saint-images 6 hours ago

How curious! It's as if it's camera takes long exposure photos with an ND filter; it looks very much so from the waterfall photo and from the fact that you have to stay still.

VenCake was updated.
13 hours ago
vencake 13 hours ago

gonna put lots of random quiz results on - thank you neocities for reminding me of the ol' quiz craze!!

Bliss-net was updated.
16 hours ago
Game(r) Boy was updated.
16 hours ago
gamebruno 14 hours ago

My dog turned 8 yesterday :)

niffnaff 8 hours ago


neonaut was updated.
19 hours ago
toadtoadtoad 13 hours ago

Oh rad!! Mind if I add you as well? Also, should I actually make a group? Not entirely sure what it would be or how it would work yet, but I can :D

joejoefashosho 10 hours ago

Thanks for making a myspace! Mind if I add you to my Top 8?

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toadtoadtoad 10 hours ago

I don't mind at all!

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violetradd 22 hours ago

added a 'SHOP' tab with my gallery from redbubble! now u can help fund my slurpee addiction lmao

ScketchZone was updated.
1 day ago
scketchzone 1 day ago

Changed the navigation icons and put better art on my portfolio. lol

scketchzone 1 day ago

Realized the commissions page is really out of date now and I am too lazy to change so lol

Novov was updated.
1 day ago
Hello! was updated.
1 day ago
inaka was updated.
1 day ago
inaka 1 day ago

I actually wrote an article?

gamebruno 1 day ago

This looks so fun already!! Can't wait to see more of this :D