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Palutena was updated.
1 day ago
特攝之家 was updated.
1 day ago
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websitering 1 day ago

That is an impressive collage.

threec2002 12 hours ago

thanks for your praise...i spent too much time on it...from start to finish, i redid again and again...

strata's place was updated.
2 days ago
vas 2 days ago

Don't nuke this one! I like it!

strata 2 days ago

Aw, thanks. I won't nuke the design, and it's great for long pages, but it sucks when there's not much content. I'll just apply some tweaks.

shelfdust 1 day ago

Buy yourself a can of snus or snuff and you won't ever need cigarettes again. If you were refering to tobacco smoking, of course.

strata 1 day ago

Thank you for the hint, but it's not about the cigarettes per se. A tobacco addiction is plain unnecessary.

OWLMAN was updated.
2 days ago
joppiesaus 2 days ago

Can't wait!

owlman 2 days ago

You don't need to wait that long!!!!!! (Unlike the NN, lel)

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anlucas 2 days ago

I love some good fucking sauce

strata 2 days ago

it's called glide gel.

ake 3 days ago

Could you add some info about display: inline-block and box-sizing properties. I think it's related to box model and useful a lot.