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baz was updated.
52 minutes ago
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kojou 39 minutes ago

new look is so cute!! love it!!

qnet was updated.
1 hour ago
thegardenofmadeline 1 hour ago

a few new pics! I spent most of the month travelling with family and lucked upon a little antique shop at a town in germany. Managed to snatch a few photos, delighted to find another picture of a guy holding a cat

thegardenofmadeline 1 hour ago

also, thinking of potentially using CSS to turn this page into like a little scrapbook page that you can flip through. However, i'm worried it'll just seem like a hassle to viewers who prefer seeing everything at once in a gallery

justfluffingaround 4 minutes ago

Awww, no, I love the idea of it being a flippable virtual scrapbook! That is very neat and fun, not a hassle.

memorisleep 2 hours ago

Changed: Unfortunately one of my stamps was replaced with a tumblr violation image (because I Put my images in my tumblr drafts) so I Removed it.

volkodlak was updated.
3 hours ago
volkodlak 3 hours ago

Just wanted to switch a photo's URL from discord to file garden since discord isn't going to work for this anymore but now I swear the gallery is further to the left than it should be???

volkodlak 3 hours ago

OK much better now

~chogongal!~ was updated.
3 hours ago
vashti 3 hours ago

I love how distinct your site's style is. Without even reading the name, I can tell it's you by the the screenshot :-)

Thilinky was updated.
3 hours ago
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vashti 26 minutes ago

I'm happy to have my button on a page I like so much, thank you (^ν^)

The Rat Shack was updated.
6 hours ago
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pikemalarkey 5 hours ago

This line is hilarious: "But as even a small dose it was lethal, it quickly lost popularity."

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nork. was updated.
9 hours ago
pixelglade 11 hours ago

New guestbook comment from Deya - thank you for stopping by!

cawsmicentity 10 hours ago

LETS GOOO I MADE A NEW SNAZZY LOGO!! This month got me hard mentally, but that won't stop me from REBUILDING THE GALLERY A BIT!! Still need to do the 3D page but thats for future me to fuss abt it

orion-my-rion 14 hours ago

post for professor layton and the diabolical box! find it under the main layton post :) we'll be playing the bonus content on monday btw

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doqmeat was updated.
15 hours ago
foolsparadise 16 hours ago

my new about is live :D! yay im so proud of it

peanutbuttaz 15 hours ago

its so beautiful!! well done!

foolsparadise 15 hours ago


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foggybear42 15 hours ago

looks rad !!

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norea3a 7 hours ago

This is so cool, I love the birthday wizard

a website was updated.
16 hours ago
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rbuchanan 12 hours ago

Sorry to read about the Corolla and F150.... :/

little world was updated.
17 hours ago
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dreemurr 14 hours ago

added some photos from my trip to my mate's house this month! catching up >:) - Chimera

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