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Jeff Corgan was updated.
9 hours ago
encounters-ltd 7 hours ago

yay! more numbers!

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corgan 12 minutes ago

And more to come.

NEKOJIRU was updated.
11 hours ago
rainstormsinjuly 17 hours ago

fixed some typos and updated the secret page cheatsheet

jeremyredhead 1 day ago

this is just an html/css fix to my blog so reader mode (maybe?) works, and mobile is easier to navigate. was gonna post something, got distracted. as usual

incessantpain was updated.
1 day ago
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incessantpain 16 hours ago

There's quite a few internships in Europe and Asia that offer stipends/will pay for your plane ticket. They're worth giving a look if you have the time.

gone. was updated.
1 day ago
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bug land was updated.
1 day ago
bugland 1 day ago

will mess with styling later, it's a temporary. i was finding myself writing short entries, so i figured i may as well dump it on here

ily 12 hours ago

hey can bugs be gay because roach boy has me feeling a certain kind of way

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VOODU.XYZ was updated.
2 days ago
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roseknight 3 days ago

finally got some art posted again... and the teeniest news post :0