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Launched my first story-specific section: Neopets! I'm going to add all my Neopets OCs to it over time. It's also a test drive of how I want to present the parts of the site that are about specific stories/settings and the OCs that show up in it.
gildedware 2 weeks ago

I want different story/webcomic sections' layouts to reflect the theming of said story (Neopets story has the classic Neopets layout, Hello World has a web 1.0 layout, Patronverse has a Pokemon menu layout... possibilities are endless)

Went ahead and created a self-hosted mirror version of the neopets petpage article I wrote for a yesterweb zine last year!
Interest check: Thoughts on a xenofiction writer webring?
Doing a lot of little adjustments tonight, like making all my urls be lowercase-only. I also changed the windows buttons (the decorative minimize/full screen/close i have all over the place) to a pixel version I made :}
Take it with a grain of salt since there's no announcement yet, but now is a good time to change your image URLs if you're using Discord to host!:
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