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sorry for responding (checks watch) 3 months late, but is the offer still open to join the zinesters webring?
hi! you've been added to the funky webring so you can add the widget on your site now :D
I made a webring for zinesters. Lmk if you're interested!
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illuminesce 1 year ago

Heck yeah! I'd like to be a part of it.

I just started a zinester webring! If you're interested in joining, let me know!
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Hey, I started a zinester webring! Might you be interested in joining?
grossgirl94 1 year ago

Yes absolutely!!!!

metaparadox 1 year ago

More info is on my site

Just added you to the zinester webring since you said you were interested. Now just go to my site and add the webring code to your site
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I just made a zinester webring in case you're interested!
hodgepodgezines 1 year ago

I am interested!

Hey, cool site! I see you're into zines! Me too! I recently started a zinester webring, in case you're interested!
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