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readingproject 2 days ago

I wouldn’t call people who review books cool

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nohappynonsense 2 days ago

maybe not the overly-wordy ones, anyway

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readingproject 2 days ago

No, we call those ones awesome!

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hello there, big fan of your site, and your first name. keep up the good work
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mikegrindle 6 days ago

Hey, thanks mike. I'm a big fan of your site! (especially the micro blog). Love what you've put together with the ear rat magazine too btw

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nohappynonsense 6 days ago

it's a labor of love filled with great contributions from other neocitizens, thank you for enjoying it!

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readingproject 1 week ago

I know how it feels to make promises you can’t keep to yourself or others. But where, may I ask, is the human will so weak as in a bookshop?

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nohappynonsense 1 week ago

Powerless, completely powerless.

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letslearntogether 1 week ago

...I understand. Books can be ever so tempting.

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pikemalarkey 1 week ago

I was thinking along similar lines recently and came to the conclusion that it's acceptable to buy one book for every three books read. Because libraries as well, right, use it or lose it.

darek 1 week ago

elegantly put

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