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koinuko 1 day ago

This is really interesting! 'Productive vs unproductive' by itself as a way to categorize things never completely worked for me, especially in terms of unproductivity, because so often I'd be like 'clearly I want to be doing this, so why am I not having any fun?'. I like the two axes here to better qualify certain activities. Hoping this new way of looking at things helps you find a better balance!

armonicnoise 18 hours ago

Im in my 20s but since my adolecence, time is my biggest enemy and to be honest i have fear to anything related with time. It was a interesting reflexion hifumi, unironically i was thinking to have that kind of schedule to improve with certain activities like drawing or other things..

For what it's worth, your site is once again the second listing on Google when you search "block Razer Synapse"
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lhfm 1 week ago

Ha, I don't keep track constantly, but I've seen it comes and goes based on google algorithm changes.

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Thanks for the follow! Good luck on your Japanese learning journey!
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themachinetranslator 1 week ago

Thank you so much! Maybe some time in the future I won't need to machine translate 90% of the dialogue (。。;)

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Thanks for following! Your art is nice.
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whiona 1 week ago

Thank you!! I appreciate your free buttons. I've made use of the Fukkireta one. :)

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Holeinmyheart hasn't been online for 1.5 months 😔😢
armonicnoise 1 week ago

math boi disappeared again 😔

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lhfm 2 weeks ago

7 songs today! Happy 16th Birthday to Miku again!

Haha, Hatsune Miku's canonical age is 16, and today is 16 years since her release. Happy birthday Miku-chan! 💚💚💚
koinuko 3 weeks ago

Happy birthday Miku!! <3🎂🎂🎂

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Another manga translation! Didn't get final approval from Holy-heart cuz he hasn't been online for some time, but I'll fix things up if needed later. This is a pretty sad manga, maybe have a tissue nearby idk (was hard to typeset while crying 😭)
I'm not going to make a Summer 2023 anime blog post, because I dropped like half the shows I was watching and I don't really have enough to say for a whole blog post. So all I'll say here is Helck & Heretical Last Boss Queen are both good, and the vending machine anime is better than I expected.

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