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Damn, I'm a god at search engine optimization and I didn't even try 😎
lhfm 8 minutes ago

(a japanese person DM'd me on twitter to thank me for helping them with their razer thing, I was confused at how they found it, and then I discovered this)

armonicnoise 1 day ago

"The moon is hazy or sumn idk lol" best description ever

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armonicnoise 3 days ago

Its awesome. kyary songs fits so well with vocaloid voices

lhfm 6 days ago

This is the 100th song I posted! 🥳🎉💯💯

holeinmyheart 6 days ago

she's so based

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lhfm 1 week ago

Not really proud of this post. I think I could have written something better, but I just wanted this to be done so I can stop thinking about it...

holeinmyheart 1 week ago

i love english i love talking in writing it it reading it listening to it

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murid 1 week ago

This is just speculation on my side from a non-English speaking country, but technology is going to change our relationship with Lingua franca. With advances in machine translation, I think that the utilitarian need for a lingua franca might change. The tendency of social media to fragment society might also give rise to nationalists that actively resist foreign languages.

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murid 1 week ago

English's rise as the global Lingua franca has a lot to do with the post-WW2 dominance of the USA. In the British empire, while geographically widespread, English penetration within societies was limited. Perhaps we won't see another 'top' language, but a few local languages supported by machine translation, as the world moves into a phase where there isn't just one superpower, but several regional powers.

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saint-images 6 days ago

"political, technological, cultural, and trade dominance of English in our times". I hate it with my guts. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

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I added the Black-billed Magpie to my birbs page I've seen so many of them, but I completely forgot that I like this bird until I saw one outside my window an hour ago.

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