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lhfm 4 days ago

I added this super detailed history of 4chan page to my misc links page

lhfm 4 days ago

Also, this site is cool, it shows the most active boards on the 'chan

I bought minecraft yesterday, love it so far
Hey, thanks for the follow and thanks for using like 4 of the 88x31 buttons I've made. Your art and your site are cool, but the link to your tumblr in the top bar is broken.
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mystsaphyr 6 days ago

AH I didn't realize you made them, I've been so used to everyone collecting them from all over. I'd like to credit properly if you let me know which ones! And thanks for the heads up about the link!

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lhfm 5 days ago

Don't need credit, I made most of them in like 5 mins in photoshop.

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lhfm 6 days ago

Ladies and gentlemen, femboys and tomboys, buckle up for my longest blogpost yet.

I went on a couple of sites that check if a website is accessible in China, and apparently Neocities isn't blocked there yet. Cool
mysticscave 1 week ago

Yes it's great, I can show websites to my friends. There's a few chinese websites too :)

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