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maplebear 3 months ago

always wanted to read that book by natsukawa!! let me know what you think of it once you finish :3

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blanketfort 3 months ago

@maplebear i've finished it and i hate to say it but it wasn't my cup of tea. it's an allegorical kind of story. if you've read The Midnight Library, it has a similar concept where the character learns lessons from recurring missions. i say it's a great children's chapter book though. and it's not that it was bad, i just didn't take away anything new from it unfortunately!

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maplebear 3 months ago

@blanketfort oh wow i had a totally diff 'impression' on that book! :o doesn't sound like something i'd enjoy either haha~ thank u! :3

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Hey there!! Just wanted to let you know that I put your button up on my site <3 Lmk if you'd prefer I remove it !!
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blanketfort 4 months ago

aw thank you, I'm honored!! your website layout is so cool. I'm excited to see the rest of your site come together!

haha our sites have similar names !! i love this so much <3
this site is so lovely! i was listening to this song as i browsed it and it fit perfectly
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blanketfort 6 months ago

aw thank you!! this is such a cute song, thank you for sharing! 🥺

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encounters-ltd 6 months ago

you're welcome times two!! keep up the great work ^^

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cool stuff! Put your button on my site too ( ・・)b
aw, I'm so glad you've discovered this amazing place! and from my little website too -- i'm honored! i hope you have a great time creating your own website. looking forward to see what you do with it :')
astra-eyeland 12 months ago

aww, tysm for your sweet reply and your follow! I'm definitely going to have a great time and I'm glad you're supporting me! have an amazing day!<3

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divergentrays 1 year ago

I love Derry Girls! Such a great show.


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