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cool stuff! Put your button on my site too ( ・・)b
aw, I'm so glad you've discovered this amazing place! and from my little website too -- i'm honored! i hope you have a great time creating your own website. looking forward to see what you do with it :')
astraslibrary 3 months ago

aww, tysm for your sweet reply and your follow! I'm definitely going to have a great time and I'm glad you're supporting me! have an amazing day!<3

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divergentrays 11 months ago

I love Derry Girls! Such a great show.

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i loooooooooove your website 🥺 and your blog <3
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blanketfort 11 months ago

omg thank you so much 🥺 i appreciate it tons too that you've taken some time to read my blog (/ω\)

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nymphali 11 months ago

of course!! you write really nicely :D

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Love your pixel art and relax links!! added your button!
blanketfort 12 months ago

aw thank you so much!! <3

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your homepage is so clean, excellent negative space
blanketfort 1 year ago

thank you, thank you! cheers to clean pages - including yours! :)


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