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finding out about the /r/TheCinamassacreTruth stuff and the mess that was the AVGN movie is like finding out god can bleed
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pnnamerica 1 day ago

I really liked AVGN a long time ago, but like almost everything, once popularity was achieved, oof.

people that rag on Olde English just don't know how to have a good time
okay what the fuck Hikaru no Go has no right to be this good
thanks for the follow :D
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vampure 1 week ago

likewise <3

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i drank an entire six pack and now my stomach feels like the site of the Gombe chimp war
drunk mental labour hours, romantically available to all the neocities honeys
mental-labour 1 week ago

holy shit i was wasted when i wrote this lmao

really want to get into philosophical pessimism and thomas ligotti for some reason
aidiapink 1 week ago

one of my teachers at school is a die hard afro-pessimist and it seems to be a really rich realm of theory/philosophy, it seems very interesting and cool :3

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cool website :)
isadorasnaughtyplace 2 weeks ago

Thank you ! I love your first page and the pixelated image of the great communists !

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mental-labour 2 weeks ago

aw thanks, wish i was capable of reading more of your website :')

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