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hi! do you know if there's still anything like the q*bee around today? i saw your page about it and i think it's so cool, and it inspired me to try making some little pixel quilt patches myself based on a real quilt i made a few months ago! i posted it here :^) thanks so much for the inspiration!
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lostletters 4 days ago

Wow, your patch is gorgeous! I'm sure your real life quilt is just as stunning. In the process of researching for my shrine, I actually got in contact with the former Queen Bees. There is interest in starting the club up again, but there aren't actual plans to do so at the moment. In terms of active pixel art communities, I've only come across Pixel Dailies on Discord, but it's much more open ended than the q*bee.

lostletters 4 days ago

I started the Afternoon Tea Pixel Club (, but it's more like a pixel clique than a full-blown q*bee site. If a low-key club like that is more your style, there's also & &

hillhouse 3 days ago

amazing, thank you so much for all those links!!! i'll def be checking out those clubs and making some stuff for them <3

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I spent way too much time writing a summary/guide to various pixel art virtual pets sites with tips I wish I knew before starting (and accidentally killing four dragons RIP 😭) in case anyone else wants to start collecting fun virtual pets too 🥚🐣🐉
blissnet 4 days ago

Cool Awesome guide, I'll check it out

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lostletters 4 days ago

Thanks so much, Cinderpeach! I hope you find a site to join and enjoy collecting pets.

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