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Hey there. I enjoyed reading your blog posts. Completely agree on how the paradigm of digital spaces has shifted away from ‘home’ pages and that’s a loss. So thanks for welcoming me to your digital home, I enjoyed my stay :)
murid 1 day ago

Good to know that you enjoyed your stay. Come back whenever you want.

Hey! Just wanted to say I'm glad your site is populated again. It was gone for a while and I was sad. Your new styling looks cool.
x14km2d 3 days ago

Thank you. That is super nice to hear.

Hello! I have excitingly managed to fat-finger not only my own response to your comment on my site, but also your original comment. Sorry about that, it wasn’t personal haha! Thank you for reaching out, it was really nice to hear that you enjoyed reading my stuff. And it’s a good thing you ended up on Neocities rather than Neopets - you don’t know want to know what’s happened to Neopets…
pikemalarkey 1 week ago

I'm probably too old to be playing Meerca (sp?) Chase anyway (but then...). Anyway, I do enjoy digging through your site so I will surely sprinkle some random comments in the future :)

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