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happy neocities bday!!!!!
pip-pepping 4 days ago

happy neoversary pages^2 !! >:)

pagespages 4 days ago

Thank you. :)

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Thank you for following!
omg I can't believe that merger happened. They took down a portion of content from Right Stuf.
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pagespages 6 days ago

I know. Their next goal is to take down Sentai Filmworks.

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cablecatscozyroom 2 days ago

We are like entering this weird puritanical and conservative time in the US, and there's so much censorship. It is really a bother. I'm gonna look for films and doujins to archive and data-hoard for free trade in case the bans and takedown keep going further.

Yotsuba&! turned 20 yesterday, here is to 20 more years of this endearing work.
pagespages 6 days ago

I thought you would like this.

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volk 6 days ago

I do! Downloaded it immediately hahah thank you for the track.

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Two weeks ago, one of my instructors said that she likes pop music and things that are actually melodic and metal or rock. I am so tempted to strap her to a chair tomorrow and force her to listen to Marsiaga.
volk 1 week ago

Kinky x2. I'm sure that would be quite the reaction though )) Anybody who hears Marsiaga is never the same again afterwards.

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We have finally reached 55,000 views, the goal for next year is to reach 100,000 views. We can do this!
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