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usually when i come back to old layouts i want to completely redo them, but i still overall like my current one. visually, it just needs a few tweaks, but code-wise it needs a lot of work. the page content takes an unacceptably long time to load. its probably related to my use of w3-include-html, but i'm not sure how to fix it yet. it wasn't slow before so idk what changed
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logged back in for the first time in ??? to find that my site is broken. great
rime 2 weeks ago

ohh ok it's not broken per se, it just needs some work orz

rime 2 years ago

discoveries: my navigation does not work in pale moon at all

oops forgot to log in for several months again
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yeah i'm definitely going to have to do a proper writeup of this new job lmao

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