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i recently discovered China, Il was a thing and i watched the whole thing over the last couple of days and my verdict is that its not nearly as good as the original shorts, and i wouldn't have sat through the whole thing if i weren't already invested in baby cakes and the professor brothers' characters from the shorts
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rime 3 months ago

aside from a few good moments and songs and one great episode it really did nothing at all for me and that makes me sad wondering wtf happened during development to make it so much less entertaining what brad neely originally made

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rime 3 months ago

fuck i thought this would just be One quick post but the more i think about it the more i have to say and the sadder i am lmao so i might have to write a whole thing about it

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im making a spoopy playlist because im in the hall of ween spirit, if anyone knows any spooky songs that are somewhere close to this general sound im open to recommendations:
well looks like todays the day the US supreme court starts deciding whether or not employers are allowed to discriminate against me

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