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Which would you prefer: eternal damnation but being able to hold on to a sense of selfhood, or just disappering into total nothingness?
bloktic 11 months ago


hamzberg 11 months ago

Disappearing into nothingness sounds preferable but wouldn't we just create a depressive solitude onto ourselves with all that nothing around?

yardonthirdstreet 11 months ago

let me disappear

yardonthirdstreet 11 months ago

@hamzberg the way i consider it we won’t need to worry about the depressive solitude, because we’d be part of the nothingness

jwhighwind 11 months ago

I always figured disappearing into total nothingness meant there wouldn't be a "you" left to feel the nothingness

hamzberg 11 months ago

That does make sense. From my stand point, I still envisioned a form of self, just incapable of acting upon an environment of nothingness. What makes one want to find solace in nothingness?

Hey there. Thanks for the follow. I really like visiting your site. It is in part because of you that I was inspired to try to make my own site on here (Sorry mine is still incomplete :P )
murid 11 months ago

Thanks, nice to know that people actually read my site. Under construction websites are great. It's nice to see things grow. Take your time with your website, slowly build up things that you enjoy instead of rushing everything out at once.

Looks like preview images are still broken.
metamorphosis 11 months ago

Good luck on finding your creativity. I have been drawing ever since I was a kid. I am not even half as talented as you are but I can understand how it feels becoming stagnant. Creativity doesn't have a secret formula, this is the worst thing about it. Maybe it is a gift maybe it comes with hard work. Whatever the case is, I hope you can get what you want.


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