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Ohh I hadn't noticed your art gallery ! I like your style and your drawings are adorable !
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birdsandstars 2 days ago

Yeah, I have a lot more sections now, so maybe it's harder to notice! Thank you. ^^ Always like seeing yours too!!!

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birdsandstars 2 days ago

That’s an odd glitch! It took a picture while loading....? Anyway, I just wrote down some updates I did before but didn’t announce. ^^;;;;;;

Aw, thank you!!! ;3; I just saw what you said about the pixel Pikachu! I was busy drawing new pixel art too! ;3;
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birdsandstars 1 week ago

I am always baffled when I'm followed by folks who'd be 100% put off by my religion, but hey, when they stop following, at least they're leaving politely...

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phils 1 week ago

That pikachu pixel art is so adorable!

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(Hi there ! For the comment about Engram, thank you, I don't speak very well english, I thought they did the dividers, I'm sorry hh. Because it's so hard to find the artists I decided to make all the resources I needed myself ! I'm sorry for crediting the wrong person ! Thank you again ahh)
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