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My Spooky Halloween theme is complete! Hope you enjoy.
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aidiapink 1 week ago

no you! I really appreciated your website layout!日本語を勉強するのためにがんばって!

amari-ga-shin-da 1 week ago

oh lol it's nothing at all though it's just basic html ;; But thank you for liking it!

amari-ga-shin-da 1 week ago


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New Monthly Reading Round-up is out on my "Thoughts" Page! I was inspired by the wonderful thotcrimes' monthly round-up to start writing my own <3
aidiapink 1 week ago

also her round-up is so useful for BL recs imo.

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AIDIA was updated.
3 weeks ago
aidiapink 3 weeks ago

new little article on my relationship to BL :3

your monthly round ups are inspiring me to start doing something like that, largely to keep up with what I read. Do you ever feel to much pressure to do them though? Sometimes with regular posting stuff I get overwhelmed ><
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thotcrimes 1 month ago

Please do take the idea! It's so handy for me and it really is fun to do. I never really feel pressure to do them, mostly because I work on them bit by bit during the month. And its only monthly so it's not too much. I also never really see it as an obligation so I'm not too worried if it's late. If you do decided to do something like this I say just take your time and post whenever you want!

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aidiapink 1 month ago

thank you for the advice! I think I might get started :3

Love your site! Your art is literally incredible and your clear obsession with catboys is deeply relatable. So glad to have come across your site and I love how many wonderful artistic creations you have made, and they are all so accessible! Keep up the amazing work!
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I have to second nimrav and say your homepage looks amazing and i cant wait to see more, esp of your art!
I really love your site. As someone who was so obsessed with SAO to have my entire skype profile be Kirito and my girlfriends skype profile was Asuna (at the time before I was ppre-ubescent and pre-gay). I just love you are creating alternative narratives/worlds for SAO esp season 2. I also love your manifesto and think your website it is completely inspiring and working against the endless cycle of working!
saturn7 1 month ago

i'm so glad you like it!!! SAO was so formative for me. i love it so much but there are definitely some things about it that i'm much more critical of as i've grown older. i'm glad you like my manifesto :) i kind of felt a little silly writing it, like isn't this kind of dramatic, but it is how i genuinely feel! and my website helps me take control of my life and express myself!!

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