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I LOVE what you've started here. Can't wait to see what you do with the site!!
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turbuggy 13 hours ago

LMK if you ever make yourself a button, I'd love to put it on my site!!

ghostscape 1 hour ago

eee thank you! have started working on a button actually but I'm trying not to get distracted from making more actual pages ^^

now this is what the internet was meant for. absolutely incredible, I love it
love the wizard tower vibe!!! The pixel art for page elements is awesome <3<3
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ghostscape 17 hours ago

thank you!! your site is such a feast for the eyes, also you have impeccable taste in books and my poor reading list is going to suffer because of it

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your site is top notch, i just read fuzzy self and i feel that all the time. you're great at writing, will be back for more
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geouniversal 20 hours ago

also your pixel art, please keep building and sharing this world!

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ghostscape 18 hours ago

thanks so much, it means a lot to me that my writing has found even a single person! your site's really cool, I love all the diy resources! have been gently gravitating towards trying some homebrewing for a while, so I'd like to try out your recipes eventually

Man, I wish I'd thought to make MY site a wizard tower.
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ghostscape 21 hours ago

the second-best time for wizardification is today?

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skep 18 hours ago

Wise words, my friend.

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ghostscape was updated.
1 day ago
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ooh this is such a fun site, I love seeing your sewing projects! also neopets and marginalia buddies ^^ thanks for making the transparent marginalia creatures available, I'm sure I'll want to use some on my site eventually (and will link back to you)
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new blog post up (long)! not sure why it's not on the feed, but here's a link: . Have also moved to developing things locally, which means I've been learning how to use file paths properly and have done a big re-jig of links (hopefully everything works)
cool vibe, cool site!! looking forward to seeing it grow
I adore your website! I actually found it before making a neocities account, and it made me want to make a website of my own. Anyway I really dig your art (bosch bird <3) and general aesthetic

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