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bloktic 4 days ago

Something's different...?

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saint-images 4 days ago

Where it all began.

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Comic #089 is out! Neocities doesn't want to show the site update for some reason, so I have to make the post myself. With this, the Jailbreak storyline is finished! In two weeks or so, we'll be back with more standalone comics.
I did a LOT of restructuring of the site last night, which is why some pages look missing. They've just moved! I finally got rid of those .html's at the end of the URLs. Looks nicer now. If you find anything else on the site broken or missing, let me know either here or on my guestbook.
bloktic 1 week ago

New comic! New News post! Read them both!! Thank you!

bloktic 3 weeks ago

Early again! I might have to change my release schedule, this might be a weekly thing. I'll let you guys know.

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