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saint-images 3 weeks ago

Wonderful! I really love the very first shot.

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diarium 1 month ago

I don't think it's something bad to think your own art is not good. On one hand, it makes not to relax, if that is ever a good word in this case, and keep improvising. On the other hand, you may punish yourself a lot by always thinking your art is not that good. Those bad feelings may accumulate and the end result is you giving up.

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diarium 1 month ago

Also, I may be wrong here, but maybe the reason you think it's not that good is because you had an idea of how the artwork was supposed to be. It's easy to think you own work is not that good when you had an idea of what it was supposed to be, that which you wanted to create as faithful as you imagined it, while everyone else only saw the end result you did.

arkmsworld 1 month ago

I really dig your art. :)

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murid 4 weeks ago

@arkmsworld Here's your awkward thanks.

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murid 4 weeks ago

@diarium There isn't a single reason why artists dislike their own art. I don't see much value in trying to rationalise it, it's just an emotion that artists experience. I just accept it as that and move on.


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