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lhfm 8 months ago

I don't make AI art (yet?) because my GPU sucks and I don't want to alienate any artist acquaintances, but there's a lot more to AI art than what you describe here. There's inpainting & img2img that let people use more than just words to make art, and it's totally possible to make art that doesn't have many obvious tells (check out civit), it's just people are too lazy to go that deep and want a quick pretty image.

doxylamine 8 months ago

the ethical issues with ai art have been the main focus of the discourse from what i've seen. and those ethical issues, which are complex and manifold, are not going away any time soon. but even setting that aside, i still don't understand WHY ai should have any place in art. i don't understand what problem it solves, other than the kind of "problem" only a capitalist autocrat would consider as such.

773tk 8 months ago

the dada movement figured out that being conventionally aesthetically appealing did not make your art substantive or worthy of respect 100 years ago. the self-shame and need to hide that they generated it really does give insight into how the creators really feel.

paintkiller 8 months ago

I still like to look at pieces generated by someone who knows how to use prompts - there aren't very many of those types of people - but I am *entirely* over AI art after jumping in head first when it landed. I concur with most of your estimations and predictions.

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murid 8 months ago

@lhfm I'll admit this is a view of someone looking in from the outside. I've seen some interfaces that are not prompt based interfaces, which are really cool and would be useful to artists (which have been mostly alienated). But from what I've seen the prevailing paradigm is mostly word based interfaces.

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robophobia 8 months ago

@doxylamine, I feel you have a great way to sum up the general feelings I have on the subject too, and to be honest, the modern AI, with the massive (I'd argue questionable) data mining fundaments it has, feels like a technology that could only really exist in the context of a society as ours so intent on commodifying information, privacy and labour.

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i like your thoughts about lies and lying. weirdly uplifting because it mirrors what i feel a lot these days. take care and thank you
great site. haven't checked out the whole thing but your illustrations are so striking, and the design of the site itself complements your art style. feels like a cohesive vision.
letslearntogether 9 months ago

Incredibly observant and eloquent...I think for many, young or old, a persona develops to hide what they seem to dislike within just as much as it does to seek approval from without. It takes presence to recognize when our actions are genuine rather than performative, and it takes awareness to discern the motives behind the behaviors around us.

surenaga 9 months ago

You reminded me of brunch.

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murid 9 months ago

@surenaga What did you have for brunch?

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lhfm 9 months ago


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paintkiller 9 months ago

"In many ways that was a lost promise of the internet" - uffda, truth.

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If I want to add an RSS feed, where do I put the xml file? Just in the main website folder and add a link to my index or do I have to place it anywhere specific? Is there a guide for adding a RSS feed to Neocities?
snail-legs-art 9 months ago

you can put them anywhere! if you're doing one main feed, I'd put it in the main website folder and link to it on your index yee :)

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letslearntogether 9 months ago

Also, each Neocities site has a built in RSS feed. Just put in the URL:[insert site name here].rss

murid 9 months ago

It's a lot easier than I thought it would be. Seems to have worked.

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letslearntogether 9 months ago

It only shows general updates though. Thank you for the guide @snail-legs-art!

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freckleskies 9 months ago

@letslearntogether oh thats pretty cool, had no clue neocities has builtin feeds for websites. thanks!

surenaga 10 months ago

Damn. I hope the bullshit sniffers in your class are the type to be able to sniff the bullshit that is dealing with 30 kids at once and give you a break.

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murid 10 months ago

I'm smart enough to not sign up for anything where I have to teach 30 kids at once. There's no way I could handle that many.

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