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Hi!! I'm just letting u know ur enter button isn't working?? Or at least it's not working for me, who knows I might be clicking it wrong. But if I'm not you might have an issue maybe ;0; otherwise ur site is lovely!!!
sanhyo 16 hours ago

it works for me, when you hit enter there's a popup window on the gif below that asks you if you want to enter the site, tbh i almost missed it too so maybe you haven't seen that but everything works fine for me

allyratworld 4 hours ago

Ah I figured it out, adblockers block the popup!

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:000 so cool!
danppun 1 day ago

@uncannyvalley woaah! thanks a lot<3 i love your drawings and your page too!

I'm re-writing my homepage html because the actual one is a mess ^o^ I have fun and also a headache when I look at it
hii I was looking at your page and realized I wasn't in the weebring section so I was wondering if you deleted me so i could join the ring again ^_^ I admire your page a lot and felt I little worried, I sincerely hope you're doing ok <3
dokodemo 2 days ago

huh? i mustve skipped you while updating the page. sorry about that, you're still in the ring just not on the list!

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