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I really love the site layout and the informative posts about art therapy and menhera!
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Answering your question here because I think it'll be easiest to see: For now I'm using Lighthouse to run accessibility checks. It's a tool built into google chrome and when you right click a webpage and select "inspect" you can select Lighthouse from the tabbed menu that appears on the right side of your screen. It'll tell you how to fix various issues. My recommendations page contains a link to an explanation.
Heads up: I've been getting curious about web accessibility and am playing around with a tool that scans my site for things to improve, so expect a bunch of updates that don't consist of visible changes (unless I'm addressing a contrast issue).
lambdafun 3 weeks ago

It could help to use this font sometimes or to have a button to enable it:

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lambdafun 3 weeks ago

I confirm it is easier to read

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lambdafun 3 weeks ago

(But only useful on paragraphs, titles and buttons are short enough that they can be read almost as easily no matter the font)

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softheartclinic 3 weeks ago

There are extensions that can override the font on all websites with open dyslexic (or other dyslexia fonts). I can probably check for reputable extensions and offer links somewhere.

meesh 3 weeks ago

Oh! May I ask what tool this is? I'd love to make sure my site is accessible too!


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