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Hello! I'd love to join the mental health circle if it's still open! I have a website with mental health head help page I hope can help people who are struggling, particularly if they are neurodiverse like me <3
Hello! I'd like to join the circle actually. I'm a music artist who was a survivor of childhood grooming, SA and domestic violence and my site contains my Traumacore in a neat little popup panel. It's not 100% a vent site perse but it has portions of it that are vent in a way. But honestly it's also a representation of me as a person, so be warned, dark humor, rape jokes and gore jokes are a theme.
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im interested in joining the mental heal circle +]
may i join the webring?
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ugly74rg37 8 months ago

Might want to fix your site first. Unless I am the only one having issues.

cassette-kiddo 8 months ago

it doesn't seem broken? can you lmk of the problem? the hompage is fine i think, maybe just some broken links?

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Hi! I'm commenting because I'd like to join the mental heal circle. My website ties back to mental health because I use my website as a form of self expression and an outlet for my feelings.
Wishing you all a good 2023! I'm glad you exist ♡
this website means a lot to me. thank you
softheartclinic 8 months ago

I'm glad to hear that you find it helpful! ♡

I noticed that there are pages that is missing center tag wrapping the content. /subpages/digihabits.html is one of them.
softheartclinic 8 months ago

Hello! The page shows up fine to me - is it broken on your device?

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