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letslearntogether 1 month ago

Wow, what a steal! I love little computers as well. The fact that you put Kali on it is extra hackery. If it runs too slow, try Puppy Linux. I don't have a lot of experience, but it seemed to run well when I tried it on an old netbook from around that era.

tonicfunk 1 month ago

ooh thank you for the recommendation LLT! no problems so far, but i'll check it out!

sooooooo what's everyone up to????
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letslearntogether 5 months ago

TOOOOOONNNNNIIIIICCCCC the Funkmeister! It has been awhile! Just attempting to survive here. How are you?

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tonicfunk 5 months ago

AH LLT!!!!!! good to hear from you!!!!! i'm in the same boat haha but successful so far!!!!

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