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forgot to tell you that i got the book and it's SO GOOD. excellent work. five stars. extremely rad.
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devilsblush 2 months ago

thank you! so glad everyone is enjoying it.

Maybe of interest! I just launched a new Tumblr for PS1 UI design appreciation:
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My buddy set up a NEW forum for discussing graphic design and video games. It's neat. Also, I made the logo. Check it out if you like those two things:
nohappynonsense 4 months ago

this is rad and all but where is my new old disc content?

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disc-content 4 months ago

lol, it's been a LONG time, huh.

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Thanks for the follow, dude, I really love your site.
thanks for following me !!! ^^
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Was just randomly looking at some Game Boy Camera sprites and saw "ripped by rabidrodent" on one of them. The rabidrodent from Neocities? One and the same??
rabidrodent 8 months ago

Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I ripped some GB Camera stuff for Spriters Resource lol. (Along with a few random things from other games.) Was considering doing a GB Cam page on here sometime. I love that thing, and also there's a decently active community still doing stuff with it.

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disc-content 8 months ago

No problem. And thank you for your service!

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I think there may be a typo on the homepage. This sentence appears to be missing a word or something: "... about the internet how it's changed." (Sorry if this isn't the best place to offer feedback!)
Neocities says I have 100,000 views β€” which can't be right, lol β€” but THANKS for looking even though I haven't written a real post all year. :)
on now πŸ€™

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