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Hello, everyone. Please, share with me your site structure philosophy. This site has been in limbo for over a year because I just can't decide how best to arrange its strange, sprawling structure.
bluef00t 2 months ago

I started an ambitious project to get everything into different folders and subfolders, with a breadcrumb along the top... but so many things go in multiple categories! And so many things are completely random and placeless...

pleurodelinae 2 months ago

I'm just as lost as you are about it. I've wanted to change my site to make it navigated like a physical space, like a point and click or something, because the idea is fascinating to me, but haven't taken the leap due to accessibility concerns.

geouniversal 2 months ago

i found being strict with the structure of my sites always resulted in limiting the type of new pages and content. if things don't fit in it was easier to abandon the idea than to restructure.

geouniversal 2 months ago

i am tempted to just put everything in a single folder sometimes, get into naming conventions instead of being lost in folders

kalechips 2 months ago

Everything goes in a folder labelled stuff then is listed on a page also called stuff. I like having coherent organization to some extent, but if I try to nest things too much I'm just going to get organization/decision paralysis!

murid 2 months ago

It's a mess.

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satyrwoud 2 months ago

Link everything on the front page, with the very occasional subsite for more sprawling projects/things. I do sometimes fantasise about having a fancy fantasy map up front but that's probably never going to happen

satyrwoud 2 months ago

I do try never to go more than two levels deep; is fine, is fine, but once you're in territory it gets unwieldy

pikemalarkey 1 month ago

I have a page library with all pages listed, but also links are nested infinitely like Russian dolls. I like the idea of rabbit holes.

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bluef00t 6 months ago

Every time seymour "galore" changes urls I have to update all my links to his excellent tmbg stuff. Also, a new sciencesona from neocities' "unflappedflea".

galore 5 months ago

you forgot to update the chessmaster page with my new url!!!! my mini chessmaster!!!! aaarrrggghhh!!!

bluef00t 5 months ago

Good point! Going to fix that now

I love your art of TMBG and wish your fanzine got to be a full on lengthy official publication of tmbg's
Hang on, I'm having an epiphany. I didn't break those links. I just took such a long break from neocities that they *changed how directories work*. Wack. It looks like files ending with .html are handled like a pseudodirectory now.
bluef00t 6 months ago

When was that changed? Anyone have any insight on that?

bluef00t 6 months ago

The relevant issue being that "[link]" doesnt work anymore; it causes some kind of endless redirect loop. It has to terminate with a slash like so: "[link]" Not good for link rot!

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satyrwoud 6 months ago

I’m not a big fan either; maybe go and badger Kyle (Kevin? i never remember his name)’s email about the redirect bug

bluef00t 6 months ago

LOL I understand now. My earlier edge case correction (making some .html pages redirect to a directory without a slash) just HAPPENED to be the opposite of HIS choice for edge case correction (redirecting from a "directory" that didn't end with a slash to the .html page) and ended up in an endless loop.

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bluef00t 6 months ago

half the links on my homepage were broken for how long, and I only noticed now?

bluef00t 6 months ago


bluef00t 6 months ago

and the directory navigation. my poor dear site did I really leave you in such a dismal state for this long

bluef00t 6 months ago

guess who remembered how much fun css is. click the yellow diamond

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