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see you guys again in August
blissnet 2 days ago

see you, homie! Can't wait to see what you come up with when you return!

haven't updated in a while but swear I'm not dead, just got a 9-to-5 now (wahoo)
geouniversal 1 week ago

i feel ya. summer job and it feels like ive lost all my time to putter with web stuff! the web is waiting patiently for your contributions!

blissnet 1 week ago

its okay, homie. We'll still be there when you got time, don't worry about it <3~

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bluef00t 1 week ago

did not expect people to actually respond to this but thank you all. I will also have cool art when I come back cause artfight

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wait why did I remove my Top Secret page I have to rectify this right now
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