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Hello fellow fountain pen enjoyer!! Love the site
Hi! Unsure if you will see this, however... Your coding work is super interesting! I can't help but wonder if the 88x31 collection is automated. Do you detail anywhere how you made it?
neonaut 1 week ago

it is, i have some links at the bottom of the page but they are dead D: i detailed some of my process here

oh wow just noticed my button was in there, by the way, lambdafun was renamed to lmbdfn some time ago. Insane collection! <3
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Hi. Could you please put my banner into your 88x31 collection?
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I did a bunch of updates early this year, and then I just walked away for some reason, and now I'm going on 6 months and I have no idea what I did and I'm just gonna hit the cmd and upload it all and hope I don't break much. It's the only way.
bomby 2 months ago

living life dangerously

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Thanks for the follow! Your cyber mausoleums page made me think of this book I read, Along the Archival Grain, about finding alternate views of history by reading documents left behind by non-elites (real page turner stuff)— the internet will make that work so accessible to future generations!
Hi Neonaut!!!! Noticed my button on the archive! Im very grateful i got to be included with a bunch of cool and skilled folks from across the world!!!! Keep up the good work, will be looking for new updates soon!!!
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Hi neonaut, thank you for following! I noticed you put my 88x31px button on your buttons page, and there are sooo many there - Im definitely going to check out some sites. I also found your compression page really helpful (I also use magick mogrify and have used ffmpeg a bit for some projects). I thought the cyber mausoleum page was pretty interesting as well. Anyway, following back. Hope you have a happy new year!

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