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I yoinked your python website compiler and it works great (on Python 3 too)! Thanks for making that available, I was using Javascript to fill in my menus before and it was horrible.
vegetablearian 11 hours ago

I'm so glad it's useful! Thanks for telling me and thanks for the compatibility confirmation too :D

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Kalechips was updated.
2 days ago
With July rapidly approaching, I will broadcast that I'm actually doing art fight! I haven't decided what team I'll be on yet.
kalechips 3 days ago

I'm still working on refs because I'm slow :( Theoretically anyone who's listed on my character webpage is fair game.

Thank you so much for the nice comment on my guestbook! (ignore that this response is super late. I was trying to figure out how best to respond and forgot about these comments. oops) The photo I have posted of the painting is with the glitter pen, but I can add a photo where you can see the finish a bit better. It's really bright if you get it in the right lighting.
Kalechips was updated.
3 days ago
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kalechips 3 days ago

FYI I futzed a LOT with the footnotes to make them easier to use and nicer to screen readers, so you'll most likely need to do a forced refresh for those not to look like shit

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