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I'm starting a web zine! It's a pretty informal and chill (no "quality filters" or related bullshit) and prioritizes accessibility/ease-of-use, so I think it'll be fun. Only 20+ adults can submit due to the content policy, and the first deadline is January 4 of next year! I'm excited about this :-) You can sign up for a mailing list for deadline reminders if you're interested!
Hey kalechips, like your site! I wanted to ask about your trans and rainbow 88x31 buttons on your homepage - can I use them? Where did you get them from (noticed they're outgoing links). Will check out more of your site later!
lostletters 1 week ago

Those buttons link to the source: they're free to use

pixelglade 1 week ago

Oh thanks, on my PC those buttons on your page linked to "", maybe you could direct link to that page instead?

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2 weeks ago
kalechips 2 weeks ago

I made a static gallery generator - now you can have accessible galleries without the headache on a static website!

vencake 2 weeks ago

That is a very cute cat.

I redesigned the OC page.... AGAIN....
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3 weeks ago
kalechips 3 weeks ago

Our friend the styleswitcher is back!

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1 month ago
kalechips 1 month ago

Well I FINALLY wrote that blog post about the image gallery so that's that

kalechips 1 month ago

And then some accessibility-oriented code snippets: Skip to content and CSS light/dark mode

I republished my accessibility rant - I had taken it down a while ago because it's not very well-written (it's a rant, after all) and I wanted to revisit it. But I stand by what I said and the rewrite is taking a while, so it exists again!
punkwasp 1 month ago

I second the point about autoplay at the end - it makes me so confused when I open up a webpage and it starts autoplaying music or something, or even making sounds when I hover over links (though that's at least easier to figure out where it's coming from)! Very good post

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debtdeath 1 month ago

whole heartedly agree with all of this. also always a bit puzzling to see retro web nostalgia stuff from people who weren't even born when that stuff was around but i digress. also yeah i hate autoplay. now that autoplay videos have become ubiquitous on news websites and other view/click farming sites there's literally nothing radical about autoplay on personal websites lmao

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1 month ago
kalechips 1 month ago

Me: coding my own guestbook when I have one that already works would be an inefficient use of my time. Me a week later: codes my own guestbook anyway


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